Corporate Responsibility


    DCT Industrial is the proven leader in industrial real estate, offering best-in-class ownership, development, acquisition, leasing and management. Trust and transparency are the hallmarks of our business. That philosophy extends to how we approach our sustainability initiatives, which are based on a foundation of measurement, collaboration, creativity and a determination to succeed. Sustainable success – whether for profit, people or the planet – derives from creating value for our shareholders, customers, employees and communities. To this end, we have been increasingly aware of our resource use, and have started to track our progress for reporting purposes.

    DCT is committed to understanding and incorporating environmental impacts into our overall decision-making process. We implement state-of-the-art design solutions and operating procedures to reduce our impact on the environment and have a positive effect on our long-term financial and business objectives. DCT continues to create value for stakeholders by being the best owner, developer and operator of industrial real estate in the U.S.

    Our sustainability program will track multiple facets of our business operations, always with the goal toward exceeding expectations at every turn, for investors, customers, employees and the communities in which we do business. DCT will collect data from our current baseline and then set targets, with our partners, that are in line with best practices. The information we will collect will determine how DCT is performing against select ESG indicators:

    • Environmental
    • Social
    • Governance

    In partnership with our customers, employees and shareholders, we create economic value and strive for environmental sustainability in our communities. Our corporate principles include industry leadership, success and exceeding expectations by being more responsive, more creative, more engaged. We are as good as our people, whose talent and innovation drive our entrepreneurial spirit and help us better serve our shareholders, customers and communities.

    Our Focus

    Enhancing Long-Term Shareholder Value

    Since the beginning, DCT has been committed to creating value for our shareholders by striving to be the best owner, operator and developer of industrial real estate in the U.S. as well as a leader in implementing strong corporate governance practices.

    Serving our Customers’ Needs

    Everything DCT does is driven by a genuine desire to exceed expectations. We constantly strive to be more creative, more engaged and more responsive than any of our competitors – delivering value and doing the right thing, every step of the way.

    Empowering our Employees

    The Company’s success is a collective effort in which all individuals matter. DCT strives to ensure our employees feel valued. We are one Company – corporate and market offices together – with one mission and one voice.

    Uplifting our Communities

    We have transformed our organization into a market-centric platform with our local teams actively engaged in creating value for their communities.


    In keeping with our mission to do the right thing, our focus will remain on supporting our customers and advancing the business case for improved sustainability execution to achieve the following by 2023:

    • Create transparency and reporting by investing in an ESG data management platform to track our performance and quantify the sustainable accomplishments we achieve from our initiatives.
    • Sustain our business model as a high-value industrial warehouse owner, operator and developer with a focus on providing high-quality properties, best-in-class customer service, strong financial performance, environmental stewardship and alignment with shareholders’ interests through industry leading corporate governance practices.
    • Align DCT’s sustainability goals with our customers’ initiatives to support reduction in energy, waste and water consumption – as well as implement efficiency retrofits where it makes sense and is cost effective.
    • Educate shareholders, employees, partners and customers about opportunities to reduce costs while protecting the environment.



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