2002 Industrial REIT founded
2003/2006 Raised $1.4bn in equity through a series of non-traded offerings from February 2003 through January 2006
2003 Acquired first building
2005 First unsecured debt placement
2006 First institutional capital venture
2006 IPO – Listed shares on NYSE raising $200mm
2008 Changed organizational structure to market-centric from function-centric
2009 Follow-on offering raising $111mm
2010 Established an At-the-Market (“ATM”) equity program to fund growth ($514mm raised as of 9/30/2017)
2010 Internalized property management & accounting
2010 $210mm Debt private placement
2011 Follow-on offering raising $112mm
2011 $225mm Debt private placement
2012 $90mm Debt private placement
2012 Follow-on offering raising $112mm
2013 Follow-on offering raising $158mm
2013 $275mm Public debt offering
2013 Sold Mexico portfolio
2014 Sold Columbus Portfolio
2014 Follow-on offering raising $112mm
2016 $250mm Debt Private Placement
2017 $50mm Public debt offering
2017 Sold Louisville Portfolio