Charla K. Rios

Executive Vice President, Property Management

As DCT Industrial Trust’s Executive Vice President of Property Management, Ms. Rios is responsible for planning, directing and managing DCT’s property management activities and leading our property management teams. Ms. Rios has oversight of approximately 73M square feet of industrial properties and oversees property management in 13 local markets. Ms. Rios is also a member of the DCT’s Executive Committee.

Ms. Rios brings over 25 years of property management experience and an extensive background in customer service excellence and industrial property management to DCT.  Prior to joining our team in 2011, Ms. Rios served as First Vice President and West Regional Property Manager of Prologis for 16 years. While at Prologis, Ms. Rios oversaw 30 property managers in 10 markets located in six states—totaling 1,500 customers and over 92M square feet of industrial warehouse facilities.

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