Broker Relationships

Brokers are the life blood of industrial real estate. DCT is proud to have many long-term and successful relationships with brokers across the U.S. The combination of a broker’s expertise and DCT’s capabilities results in fast, tailored solutions for the tenant—and a happy customer experience ensues. Brokers entrust DCT as a partner because we:

  • Invest time to build relationships – We work closely with you to create a partnership that fosters continued mutual success.
  • Identify opportunities – From knowing locations, size and cost requirements, to evaluating properties, we offer the market experience to find the real estate solutions that fit your client’s needs.
  • Know the market – With our comprehensive market presence, we often have unique insight and awareness that you can take advantage of to solve problems.
  • Move at the speed of business – You don’t have to be in this industry long to see that agility, access and responsiveness are what gets deals done.
  • Deliver – We consistently and competently deliver on deals.

Find out how we can help you with your industrial real estate needs. Contact a DCT representative for your market, or call us at 1-303-597-2400 today.